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CLE has something for everybody, from our popular series of current event lectures, literature, history and philosophy to art, music, gardening, culinary and wine.  Computer classes with Apple guru, Nigel Sixsmith and so much more.


CLE boasts a membership of approximately 450. Although we are proud of our membership number, it is our goal to double that commitment to the quality of programming that CLE offers the Highlands Community. You do not need to be a CLE Member to be welcome and enjoy our programs. We do, however want every interested individual to know that you are not only invited but most welcome to be a part of the CLE family.

Levels of Membership

Chairman $2500 (receive 8 free lectures and can register March 1)

President $1000 (receive 6 free lectures and can register March 1)

Patron $500 (receive 4 free lectures and can register March 15)

Benefactor $250 (receive 2 free lectures and can register March 15)

Friend $100 (receive 1 free lecture and can register April 1)

Family $50 (can register April 15)

Individual $35 (can register April 15)

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If you have questions or need help registering please call us 828-526-8811 or email us

"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you."

~ B.B. King

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