Understanding Brexit: Why It Happened and What It Means for the United States 

Wednesday, October 23 Time: 2-4 Cost $25/$35 

Presenter: Stephanie Barczewski 

Stephanie Barczewski is a specialist in modern British history and a professor of history at Clemson University. 

The Process of Impeachment

Friday, October 25 Time: 2-4 Cost $25/$35

Presenter: Daniel Franklin

 Daniel Franklin was an Associate Professor of Political Science.  His areas of specialization were American Chief Executives, Film and Politics, Georgia State Politics, and Budgeting and the Legislative Process.   His latest book is on The Politics of Presidential Impeachment (with Robert Caress, Robert Sanders and Cole Tarratoot), is in production (May, 2019) at the SUNY University Press and will be included in The American Constitutionalism Series. 

Best Apps and Websites for Seniors

Wednesday, November 13 

Time: 10:30-3:30

Each class is $75 for CLE members / $85 for non-members

Loraine Smith has been a technology instructor for 20 years and has a passion for seeing her students stay connected to their family and friends. She offers a relaxed, fun approach to learning more about your iPhone/iPad and loves hearing “I didn’t know that!” She earned her bachelor’s degree in financial management from Clemson in 1987. 

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Wednesday, October 23 Time: 2-4

Cost $25/$35

Presenter: Stephanie Barczewski

This talk will explain why Brexit has turned out to be such a difficult issue for both the United Kingdom and the European Union and what consequences it is likely to have for Europe and the United States.